How do I place an order?

Have you found a product in our shop that you would like to order? Follow these steps to complete this order.

1. Go to the relevant product page (with description of the product) and enter the desired number of pieces on the right side of your screen.

2. Add this product to your shopping basket. After this you can continue browsing our webshop or checkout your shopping basket.


3. To make sure your package arrives at the right address, we need some extra information, so we ask you to create an account and fill in some details. You can use your e-mail address and password to log in to our webshop later.


4. Your details have been saved? This is the sign that you can return to your shopping cart to complete your order.


5. We refer you automatically to the payment page of the bank.

6. A confirmation email will arrive in your mailbox. (This may take some time, see the question below).

7. Now all you have to do is wait at the front door for the ordered parcel.


I placed an order, but didn't receive a confirmation email.

Our servers are working overtime and this can result in a delay of your confirmation email.

Keep an eye on your mailbox, the confirmation can arrive up to 24 hours after your order. In the meantime, your order has already been processed in our systems.

If you DIDN'T receive a confirmation e-mail, please contact us immediately so we can check your order, thank you!


The webshop is not working properly. How do I solve this?

Do you use Safari as a browser? For an optimal experience we advise you to use Google Chrome as a browser and then surf to https: 


Is your question not in this list? Our team will get to work to answer your question as soon as possible and will contact you shortly.